1990s football league table

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Welcome to the composite league table of the 1990s. This was the decade when the top flight split, making naming each tier a bit tricky.

League Division One / Premier League for the 1990s

Unsurprisingly we see Manchester United at the top of the table. Their median of 1.5 across the decade shows they were in first place for five of the 10 years.

Leeds United average 5th over these 10 years, including the last league title before the Premier league. Wimbledon had mid-table finishes across the decade, and this was a period when Southampton and Coventry City slummed it in the bottom half of the top flight whilst miraculously avoiding the trapdoor.

League Division Two / Division One for the 1990s

With second tier averages we see Sunderland, West Brom and Bolton Wanderers punching below their weight, and Tranmere Rovers and Port Vale punching above theirs.

League Division Three / Division Two for the 1990s

In the third tier average we see Reading only slightly higher than their usual fifty-somethingth. However, this hides a story remembered only by Royals and Palace fans. In 1995 the top flight was reduced to 20 teams from 22. Crystal Palace was the 4th from bottom team that was relegated, and Reading were denied promotion despite coming 2nd in tier two behind Middlesbrough.

League Division Three / Division Four for the 1990s

This decade’s plucky hangers-on are Scarborough Athletic. They remained in the league despite ending eight out of the 10 seasons on 80th place or lower. However, ‘two thousand zero zero party over, oops, out of time’ was as true for Scarborough as it was for Prince.

The strongest team in the league (propping up the other 95 – and not for the only time) are Aldershot. They had a single mediocre season as one of the 92. As a Reading fan I send my commiserations.

1990s football league table

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