2000s football league table

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Welcome to the composite 2000s football league table.

Premier League for the 2000s

This was the decade when Man Utd were dominant, although Arsenal did actually win the league. Twice.

Middlesbrough were in the top flight throughout the decade (yes, me too!), and Charlton Athletic fans were complaining that a mid-table finish in the Prem wasn’t good enough. Ahem. Birmingham City, meanwhile, were doing their usual impression of being a yo-yo.

Portsmouth were just a little higher than Southampton over the 10 years, by an average of just 0.4 of a league place, and going in different directions. Those were the days, eh, Pompey?

Outside the Premier League for the 1990s

Bradford city started the decade in the top flight. However, a dramatic fall from grace saw them finish in the fourth tier, putting them in an average position near the top of the third tier for the decade.

Wigan Athletic, on the other hand, went in the opposite direction; their average was fully 16 places higher than Bradford, level with Reading who enjoyed their most successful decade to date. Hull City also had a meteoric rise, but still finished lower than Bradford after spending the first five years near the foot of the league.

Swansea city, meanwhile, spent the decade in the lower reaches: typical for them in general but not what we are used to now.

This also was the decade when Wimbledon spent five years in the top two tiers before MK Dons spent five years in the lower two tiers, putting the originals considerably higher than their replacements in this composite table, despite Wimbledon’s 5 years in the 100 club. These roles would be reversed in the following decade.

Among the most consistent placings are Oldham Athletic and Chesterfield, both hovering mid-table in the third tier. Oldham’s average position for the decade is in fact identical to that of Hull, but the variations in Hull’s fortunes are in stark contrast; compare the mean with the standard deviation for both.

The strongest team in the league, propping up the other 102, are Aldershot, who had a single mediocre season in 2008-09. As a Reading fan I send my commiserations.

Football league table, average placing for the 2000s

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