2010s football league table

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Welcome to the composite league table of the 2010s. During this decade the naming of Tiers two, three and four changed, with The Championship, League One and League Two appearing in 1995, and making everything difficult to describe.

Premier League for the 2010s

So, who’s the best team of the 2010s? Man Utd? Nope.

For all of their dominance in the Premier League era Manchester Utd have been pipped by local rivals Man City, because their top form left when Fergie did. Arsenal are hot on the heels of the Manchester clubs despite not winning the title, thanks to top four finishes even season. Chelsea were let down by a poor 2015-16 allowing Tottenham to close the gap.

League Division One / Championship for the 2010s

Ipswich Town are surprising again. Despite having the most varied league position over the history of the league from 1889, they’re curiously consistent in the 2010s: 34th position overall, mean and median of 31st and 33rd, and finishing up between 26th and 35th in all seven seasons so far.

Lower two tiers for the 2010s

Portsmouth have had a decade to forget – they’ve dropped from the top tier to fourth. You’ll find them in the third tier rankings, although they spent just one season there on their plummet from grace. Plymouth Argyle, too, have slumped. South coast rivals Southampton and Bournemouth, meanwhile, have gone in the opposite direction, and finish above them overall.

Without their deep roots and former glories to support them teams like Bury and Notts County are found slumming it in the third and fourth tiers. Similarly, without their long periods in the lower echelons of the football league holding them back, teams like Swansea City, Norwich City, Hull City and Reading find themselves 20 or so places above their traditional level.

Bottom of the list are Darlington and Grimsby, both relegated in the first season of the decade and with a row of 100s weighing them down. The Mariners had been members of the football league off and on since 1894, with their golden age in the top flight in the 1930s a distant memory. This may improve, however, as they join the football league for the third time in their history in season 2016-17.

2010s football league table

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